Tree Removal & Topping

Our specialist team at Cork Tree Surgeons will make sure that your tree is felled at the highest possible standard. We offer quick and cost effective expert tree surgeons for residential and commercial tree felling.

Stump Removal

At Cork Tree Surgeons, our stumps are mechanically ground out. The main root is taken away leaving only minor roots that naturally rot down. It is a quick and efficient way of removing stumps.

Landscaping & Garden Maintenance

Whether you are just looking to spruce up your property with a new lawn and new plantings or you are looking for an entire outdoor living and landscape space created, let the professionals at Cork Tree Surgeons create a stunning new landscape plan that can be appreciated for years to come.

Hedge Trimming

Cork Tree Surgeons offer a comprehensive hedge maintenance service.
We can offer you a one-off job getting your overgrown hedges back into shape, or provide you with a regular/annual maintenance program.

Waste Shredding & Removal

If you have undertaken tree work you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of tree branches you are left with. Cork Tree Surgeons will be only too glad to chip up your branches for you and Woodchip can be left on site to spread around flowerbeds, make garden paths or it can be blown straight into our truck and removed altogether.